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About Melody

Melody headphones are created with a dual focus: quality of sound, and exceptional comfort.

Good headphones matter.

Professionals, musicians and music aficionados everywhere agree: a pair of high quality headphones is one of the most important pieces of music equipment you can invest in.

Without them, many of the intricacies of the music you’re listening to will be lost to you.

The Melody Difference

At Melody, we set out to produce quality headphones that truly create a stunning auditory experience for listeners, and that meet their needs in terms of comfort, fit and style.

Whether you’re a professional musician or producer, a music aficionado on her morning commute to work, or looking to rock out while you work out, our headphones provide the most comfortable and secure fit for your activity, and bring you the full experience of the music, with exemplary clarity and balance.

Whatever your style, and whatever your headphone needs, Melody offers the highest quality in terms of ergonomics, comfort, and most importantly, sound quality.

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Melody Headphones Styles

Over Ear

For when the details matter most, over ear headphones are ideal for the pros.  » More

On Ear

Light-weight headphones that rest on the ear rather than around it. » More

In Ear

In-ear canalphones fit securely into the ear canal blocking out ambient noise.  » More


Live free or die. Wireless means no cord to hold you back. » More

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  • Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
    - Victor Hugo

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