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  • In-Ear Canalphones

    In-ear canalphones fit securely into the ear canal and block out ambient noise. Similar in size to the earbud headphone the in-ear canalphone inserts into the ear canal allowing optimal listening by turning the ear canal into a sealed musical chamber.
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  • On Ear Headphones

    On ear headphones are typically light-weight and rest on the ear rather than around it. On ear headphones are the popular choice among youth and young professionals as they hold up well to regular usage. They are usually the size of the actual ear, and tend to be quite compact.
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  • Over Ear Headphones

    Over ear headphones have cups that completely engulf the ear. Allowing you to dive into your favourite movie or new playlist, over ear headphones provide the ultimate experience in sound. Noise cancellation features free you from distraction in situations with a lot of surrounding noise.
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  • Wireless Headphones

    Wireless headphones offer benefits for users in all types of situations. Providing the ultimate experience in listening, wireless headphones are a must have for music and movie lovers who want listen freely.
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